I recommend these classes to anyone who loves poetry

Although I already have an MFA, I took the on-line Poetics 1 course for two reasons: To study with someone who wasn’t in the circle I normally run with and to see how an on-line class with both a video and an audio component would work. The class was delightful: All of participants provided insightful feedback–discussions were lively and thought-provoking. The instructor, Francesco Levato is a highly knowledgeable and effective teacher. He offered the right amount of structure, both in lecture and assignments, to challenge us and nudge our creativity. I was so pleased that I also took Poetics 2 and plan to sign up for Poetics 3. While there were some occasional hiccups with the technology side of things, taken as a whole, being able to see and hear all of the participants made the experience more personal and I found that I retained more of the discussions and lectures compared to a blog- or bulletin-board-based sort of on-line class. I recommend these classes to anyone who loves poetry.

- N. C. L.