Levato’s Semi-peripheral: Spaces of Deviation, Abjection, Madness published in New Academia journal

My critical theory/poetry mash-up, “Semi-peripheral: Spaces of Deviation, Abjection, Madness,” was recently published in the journal “New Academia.” It can be read online here:



Semi-peripheral: Spaces of Deviation, Abjection, Madness, is a mash up of critical theory, poetry, science, and an examination of the works of H.P. Lovecraft as an (other)world-system, through the theoretical frames of world-systems analysis (Immanuel Wallerstein), heterotopic spaces (Michel Foucault), and abjection (Julia Kristeva). The work is a move towards blending my creative and critical texts in a more seamless whole; creating resonances between different texts, paratexts, practices and entities, while simultaneously attending to creative, critical, and materialist concerns. The poems are based on chance operations that use (other)world texts (fictional books located in Lovecraft’s mythological system) as a seed text, and a series of source texts including the Collected Works of H. P. Lovecraft, and a combination of obscure books referenced in Lovecraft’s stories. Language from the source texts is collected via procedure, then reworked to shape the final poems. The prose sections blend critical theory with quotations from Lovecraft’s short story, The Call of Cthulhu.