The Chicago School of Poetics (CSoP) is an online and on-location school that offers compelling poetry classes without the MFA time commitment, pressure, or price tag.

Why we’re different: 

With an emphasis on craft, instructors at the School focus on the merits of student writing on its own terms. It’s not the typical creative writing workshop! Courses offered at the School allow students to refine their work in a collaborative—not competitive—environment. We don’t teach creativity. Courses allow students to understand the writing process from the inside by observing firsthand how the instructors work in order to gain the critical distance necessary to write more resonant poetry. The School also offers genuine community. On-location courses offer valuable face-to-face contact and online courses offer valuable access to the vibrant community of Chicago poetry for anyone worldwide.


Francesco Levato, Founder and Director
Larry Sawyer, Co-Director
Laura Skokan, Program Director


Barbara Barg
Kristina Marie Darling
Steve Halle
Francesco Levato
Sharon Mesmer
Larry Sawyer