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Bonk! Performance Art Series: Larry Sawyer

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CAR Interview with Francesco Levato

The Chicago School of Poetics: A Different Kind of Workshop

The Chicago School of Poetics was created to foster innovative poetics and provide a community, both physical and online, for critical discourse and the exploration of craft. The program offers instruction in the form of visual web conferencing, as well as face-to-face workshops, and acts as a more affordable alternative to—and a community beyond—the Creative Writing MFA. CAR Literary Researcher Erica Schwanke discussed the school with founder and director Francesco Levato, who is an accomplished poet in his own right.

Read more at: http://chicagoartistsresource.org/literary/node/38608

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“Endless, Beautiful, Exact” by Francesco Levato


A series of texts, remixed from appropriated oral and written source material, that explore interpersonal conflict through a fragmented and implied narrative. The author seems to have a clampdown on what he is willing to express, and what few words are allowed through are charged with emotion and tension.

Available as a free ebook here:


Full Argotist Ebooks catalogue here:


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J. Hope Stein’s chapbook, [Mary]:, forthcoming from Hyacinth Girl Press

J. Hope Stein’s chapbook, [Mary]:, will grace Hyacinth Girl Press with its presence in the summer of 2012. From the moment I read the first page of the manuscript I knew it was a perfect fit with us, and I am so very glad to have snatched this collection up.

The voice in [Mary]: is feisty and strong and story of it is absolutely one I cannot wait to see told at Hyacinth Girl Press.

Read more at: http://hyacinthgirlpress.wordpress.com

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Interview with Larry Sawyer

Surrealist Poetry is alive and well and living in America today, thanks in no small part to Larry Sawyer, and his first book, Unable to Fully California gives cause for rejoicing. For example, from “Miracle of Apples”:

Someday the apples will be liberated, the pear
will start a revolution and the banana will
commit suicide, rather than be executed
(10, ll. 1-3)

Recently David Madgalene was gifted with the opportunity to conduct an e- mail interview with Larry Sawyer about Surrealism in general and his wonderful new book in specific.

Read more at: http://www.bigbridge.org

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Francesco Levato in collaboration with Philip Glass

Francesco Levato collaborated on a live performance of his cinépoem “Variations on Want” with composer Philip Glass for the “Days and Nights Festival” at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, California on August 31st.

About the festival:

World famous composer Philip Glass presents a one-of-a-kind arts festival in Carmel Valley and Big Sur, California. Featuring music, dance, poetry, theatre and film. Premiering this summer, Aug 19 to Sept 4, 2011. (read more…)

Read more at: http://www.daysandnightsfestival.com

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War Rug reviewed in Jacket2

Politically charged investigation raises the stakes of poetry for both the poet (as producer) and the poem (as art object). This type of poetry not only invokes the bardic practice of speaking the wisdom of the group, but also uses the poem as a type of activism. When critics question the role of poetry in the real world or what it can accomplish outside of its own existence, activist poetics that enters conversation with contemporary political happenings offers one of the better answers. This activist poetry can reveal knowledge about real happenings through the conceptual relationship between the real and the world of art.

Read more at: http://jacket2.org/reviews/poem-type-activism

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