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I felt lucky to receive such input

Larry had a solid grasp on the poems taught and the comments made offered concrete solutions to alleviate a block I was experiencing. I felt lucky to receive such input from an established poet and the price was a bargain because I felt I gained a lot from the class. I’m thinking of signing up for another now.

- Michael S.

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This is the place to be on a Saturday afternoon!

A great and rare place outside of academia for aspiring and developed poets to meet, talk poetry, and get and give feedback on works in progress.  I feel I am learning a lot that helps me edit already written poems, and helps me on the writing of new poems.  The instructor, Larry Sawyer, is very knowledgeable and supportive, and the workshops cover a broad spectrum of topics, from poetic movements and literary schools of criticism to techniques for writing and editing…  People here love poetry.  This is the place to be on a Saturday afternoon!

- M.D.

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The classes may lead students to future opportunities in poetry

It is a reasonable and casual course when compared to applying for MFA and other writing programs in universities. The instructors are truly educated in poetry and editing, and there are a variety of students who are in academia or office environments. In workshops, they exchange opinions and think of how the first draft of a poem can be brought up to publishable status.

In level 2, students wrote one poem per a week (8 classes on-site/ $400) and approached them with techniques from the New York School, 19th century art and philosophical movements, and others. The instructors also share their writing techniques and experiences.

The classes may lead students to future opportunities in poetry.


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Helped me tremendously…

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about a poetry class being offered online. But the price was right and with the weekly salons, I could try it out without having to pay for 8 weeks’ worth of classes. I am very impressed. The teacher is clearly very knowledgable and experienced, but his approach has never made me feel intimidated. I get to hear my work as if it weren’t mine, which has helped me tremendously to see what is working and what isn’t working. I also have found that I really like that the class is online. I can sit at home, in my comfy clothes, without braving the elements and giving up any extra time for commuting. So I don’t get as nervous about hearing my poetry read aloud. The only negative thing I have to say about it is the video quality at first was a little hit or miss with the software they were using. However, it has been changed and things are running much more smoothly. And I’m going to be signing up for the 8 week Poetics Level I course.

- Hazel S.

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I highly recommend the Weekly Salon

Personally I write best sharing with other writers what I’ve written and have focused on traditional creative writing classes/workshops for the best part of forty years. Chicago School of Poetics’ Weekly Salon program invents an easy-to-get-to electronic meeting place and, most importantly, provides a very talented, professional and knowledgeable mediator. Both its reasonable cost and flexible attendance encourage ongoing participation. As someone with a disability, I am able to maximize my computer-assisted communication skills upon this program’s virtual common ground. I highly recommend the Chicago School of Poetics’ Weekly Salon program.

- Lee J.

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I will be recommending these classes…

I have been to the Chicago Cultural Center many times and never knew that Chicago School of Poetics classes are held there. I took an 8-week (Saturdays only) workshop as a means of dusting off a long dormant passion for verse. The class, led by poet Larry Sawyer, far exceeded my expectations. The intimate, casual setting, and Larry’s sincere efforts at personal, yet objective critique was just what I needed. There was also a bit of luck involved, in that my fellow students were a thoughtful, intelligent bunch who knew how to have fun with it. I suspect the Chicago School of Poetics will continue to attract a high quality of people, and I know I will be recommending these classes to anyone who’ll listen!

- Jean S.

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